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Sample packs allow you to inspect hardscape elements up close before purchasing. Packs contain a sample selection of the product and are delivered right to your home. Sample packs are available for all of our paver and retaining wall products.

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BG-10 "Natural" Concrete Paver & Natural Stone Sealant


BG-10 "Natural" Concrete Paver & Natural Stone Sealant
Natural Water-Based Advanced-Cure Sealer is a patented and unique sealer. The uniqueness of it being a synthetic/advanced water-based, molecular bonding, non-film forming, ZERO VOC, and penetrating sealer is a new concept in the sealing industry. Being the only synthetic blend sealer of its kind, Natural Water-Based Advanced-Cure Sealer may be sealed when substrate is damp, without the monstrosity of moisture entrapment. Film-forming sealers are major contributors to the “white haze” caused by moisture and are found in the majority of sealers available in the market today.  This patented and advanced synthetic blend also creates a strong molecular bond enabling both the substrate and sealer to become ONE.  Natural Water-Based Advanced-Cure Sealer will last and protect the substrate until the substrate itself has worn away.


  • 1 Gal

  • 2.5 Gal

$ 103.95

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