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Why Should Homeowners Consider LED Landscape Lighting?

Why Should Homeowners Consider LED Landscape Lighting?

Keeping the exterior of your home looking beautiful and fresh can be an exhausting task. There is always something that can be weeded, cleaned, or swept!

But there's one upgrade you can set up and then forget about while it continues to look great; LED landscape lighting. The simple addition of some outdoor lighting projects can have a huge impact on the design of your home, not to mention safety and functionality. 

Choosing LEDs for these kinds of projects will help you to have the most positive outcome and here's why! 

Great Investment

The number one key to improving your lighting lifespan is to use LED lights. The technology used in these lights allows them to stay bright for much longer than the traditional incandescent or CFL bulb. 

An LED lighting setup will cost more in the initial purchase of the fixtures and bulbs. But because they have such a long lifespan, they won't have to be replaced as often. Over the span of several years you'll actually save money.

A hallmark of good outdoor lighting design is the layering of different light sources. When there is a variety it creates visual interest and highlights special features of the home. 

Using LED lights is a great way to afford to have this layered look with multiple lights. 

Not only do they last much longer than traditional lights, but they also use energy and power more efficiently. Many traditional options waste a lot of energy put into them in heat output. This drives your energy bill up significantly. 

LED lighting is a great investment for saving energy bills in the long run and also monthly, all while having the designed look you desire. 

Safer Option

The other major benefit of using LEDs in outdoor lighting projects is how much safer they are than traditional bulbs. 

There is a lot less you can control in the outdoor environment of your home than inside. Between wild critters to your kids playing unattended, there is a lot of possibility for injuries. 

By replacing your traditional outdoor bulbs with LEDs, you eliminate the risk of burning when they are accidentally touched. 

An LED bulb doesn't put out nearly as much heat as the traditional alternative, which is why they are considered a much safer option. Because they are so much cooler, there is a lower risk of a potential fire from the excess heat. 

The inside workings of the LED bulb also don't contain any harmful materials or chemicals. If you can't control everything that happens in your yard, you can have more peace of mind knowing the lighting you're using is safe. 

Easily Upgraded

Making the switch to LED lighting might seem like a lot of work. But the good news is that the task is actually quite easy!

Even though the technology is completely different between LEDs and incandescents, functionally they are compatible with most fixtures. The bulbs are interchangeable and you should have no problems switching them out. 

LED bulbs will come in all of the sizes, Kelvin scale, and lumen amount that your traditional bulbs are. It's as simple as finding the right size and switching them out. 

If you're starting from scratch with your outdoor lighting project, selecting LED lights is an easy choice. Most fixtures that you can purchase at the store have LED options if the bulb is fixed inside. 

There is no need to sacrifice style in your outdoor design in order to have LED lights. As they increase in popularity, the options available to you will continue to grow as well. 

Customizable Options

Beyond being great for functionality and safety, LED lights are also a great aesthetic choice. 

This is mainly because they are so customizable. Landscape lighting is different than indoor lighting because it's not all about being the brightest light possible. There is more opportunity to play with the ways light can be projected. 

LED lights are perfect for this kind of project because you can easily manipulate the brightness to reach your perfect level. 

The way that the LED technology works allow basically any bulb to be attached to a dimmer. From there you can choose which level is right for that specific light. Having a mixture of brightness adds interest and allows you to highlight different areas. 

LED lights use red, green, and blue lights combined to make their white light. So often a bulb has the option to project those individual colors as well, which can be a fun feature. 

The construction of an LED light allows you to really be specific about where the light is actually shining. An LED light bulb allows you to fully customize the look you're going for. 

Increase Security

An added bonus of any outdoor lighting is the increased security around your home. And using LED lights can make your property even more secure.

An LED light can be much brighter than a traditional bulb. The way the light is produced also makes it much clearer and cleaner. This type of light allows you to see farther and its much easier to distinguish things far away. 

That type of clear vision can be especially helpful when checking security cameras that don't always record at the highest quality. 

LED lights can also be customized to highlight specific areas that might be more vulnerable than others. This can also include putting lighting on timers to add more protection at different times if necessary. 

Add LED Landscape Lighting to Your Home 

There always seems to be an endless list of things we can do to improve the look of our homes. But an easy one you can quickly cross off your list is adding LED landscape lighting. 

This kind of lighting adds interest to the outside of your homes and you can create just the right look for your space. Using LED options allows you to keep it going for a very long time with no maintenance.

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