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How to Utilize Landscape Lighting

How to Utilize Landscape Lighting

As the end of Daylight Saving Time creeps closer and it's getting darker earlier, landscape lighting is the perfect solution to keeping your yard feeling bright.

When it comes to outdoor lighting design, there are plenty of options to choose from so you can find something that suits your home's style. Here are four things that you should keep in mind when planning your outdoor landscape lighting.

1. Make a Plan for Landscape Lighting

Don't just dive right in to creating your design. It's crucial to take the time to make a plan before you get started. 

Start by making a sketch of what you want your landscape to look like. This helps you visualize the entire look at once, and it makes it much easier to budget out what your design will cost.

The plan will also make installation easier, as you'll already know where you want your individual lights to go.

Remember, though, to make sure your lights are a good distance apart. Along with being more energy efficient, correctly spacing out your lights will ensure nothing is lit too brightly.

You can also use this time to plan out where you'll want your transformer to go. Ideally, it will be as close to your fixtures as possible, while still remaining mostly hidden so as not to hamper your design.

2. Incorporate Different Types of Lights

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting. Options include everything from paver and pillar lights to accent and hardscape lights. Consider which one to choose based on where you're hoping to add landscape lighting.

In general, mixing and matching different styles can help you get creative and achieve the look you're going for.

3. Keep Existing Decor in Mind

If your yard already sports beautiful flower beds or a charming fountain, you can use your landscape lighting to highlight these features. And if a path runs from the sidewalk to your door, consider using path lights to illuminate it.

Boosting your home's curb appeal can instantly increase its value and, if you're looking to sell, pull in additional buyers. The best landscape lighting will complement your yard's existing features and help you do just that.

4. Don't Forget the Accessories

When you're sprucing up the landscape of your home, it's not just about the lights. Don't forget accessories like digital timers, which make it easy to control when your yard is lit up. This can be especially helpful if you're out of town.

There are also Bluetooth receivers that can help you control your landscape lighting system with the touch of a button.

Light Up Your Landscape

No matter what time of year it is, landscape lighting can add some much-needed brightness to your front and back yards. By making an initial plan and choosing your lighting options carefully, you'll be able to create a stunning landscape.

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