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How to Upgrade Your Backyard Space for Entertaining This Summer

How to Upgrade Your Backyard Space for Entertaining This Summer

As the temperature starts to rise and the sun sets later and later, summer seems to be the only thing on our minds. It is the season of backyard barbeques, late-night bonfires, and soaking up every bit of sunshine with our friends and family. But, to make all of that happen, you need to design an outdoor space that will draw everyone to your backyard.

You likely already have a patio space, some comfortable deck chairs, and maybe even a dedicated section of yard you promised yourself you’d add a nice fire pit to, but just didn’t get to it last year. The Hardscape Exchange has everything you need to make your backyard the choice destination of the summer.

1. Built-in Grill

Built-in Grill

The best way to update your outdoor patio is to build in a stunning stainless-steel grill that can handle burgers, kabobs, and hot dogs all at once with 8mm cooking grates and heat zone separators. Whether you prefer liquid propane or a natural gas flame, our commercial-grade grills come in 32” or 40” so you can feed guests during intimate gatherings or neighborhood block parties.

With a double-lined hood to keep the heat in while cooking, external LED lights, internal halogen lights, and a 12,000 BTU backburner for rotisserie on both sizes, our built-in grill is an essential summer upgrade for any grill master or entertainer.

2. Deluxe Compact Refrigerator

Deluxe Compact Refrigerator

Our Deluxe Compact Refrigerator is an absolute necessity to keep your lemonade cool and condiments within close reach while you grill. It offers 4.5 cubic feet of storage space, a security lock, and can be ordered with the door opening on either side so you can design it into your growing outdoor kitchen with ease.

3. Beverage & Prep Station

Beverage & Prep Station

It’s easy to simply please your guests with cans of soda or beer, but to really impress your friends you’ll need to level up your outdoor space with this Beverage & Prep Station that comes complete with an ice compartment, sink, towel holder, speed rail for your favorite bottles, three condiment trays, and a built-in bottle opener. Made with stainless steel to endure the elements, this prep station even has a sliding lid to keep your ice clean and built-in blue LED lights so you can entertain well after the sun goes down.

4. Double Access Doors

Double Access Doors

Double Access Doors are a sleek and elegant way to add convenient storage to your outdoor space. When paired with our built-in grills, refrigerator, or prep station, you can safely and conveniently store grilling tools, glasses, plates, or any other supplies so you don’t have to be constantly making trips back and forth from your house to the backyard while trying to entertain guests.

5. Fire Pit Kit

Fire Pit Kit

There are few things more relaxing than gathering around a fire on a cool summer night and with our easy-to-build fire pit kits, you can end every great party with a cozy fire. These kits come in four colors and square or round designs to match your existing patio design or help you create something new. All you’ll have to worry about is whether you have enough marshmallows.

6. Path Lights

Path Lights

Finish off your newly upgraded outdoor entertaining space with lighting that will keep the party going all night long. Our gorgeous Tru-Scapes Path Lights can help your guests get safely to and from their cars or provide easy lighting to keep the cornhole tournament going well after the sun goes down. Plus, these dug-in LED fixtures are far more reliable than battery-powered lanterns and safer than firelit torches.

The first days of summer are just around the corner, so now is the time to start planning and building the outdoor entertainment space you’ve always wanted. The Hardscape Exchange has the outdoor essentials you need at the price you want.

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