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Sample packs allow you to inspect hardscape elements up close before purchasing. Packs contain a sample selection of the product and are delivered right to your home. Sample packs are available for all of our paver and retaining wall products.

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How Can Installing Keystone Pavers Improve the Curb Appeal of My Home?

How Can Installing Keystone Pavers Improve the Curb Appeal of My Home?

Are you looking to frou-frou your frontage for an upcoming home sale, impending new home build, or home renovation? Pavers are an ideal choice for driveways and front-yard walkways.

Not only do they look good, but they also rarely crack. This is because, unlike a concrete slab, they naturally expand and contract.

Keystone pavers are also easy to replace when damaged. Just take out the broken paver and insert a new one in its place.

Read on for more compelling reasons why keystone patio pavers are the only solution to a fading facade.

Why Choose Keystone Pavers?

Keystone Hardscapes has been manufacturing pavers locally since the 1980s.

This time-tested company uses only the finest materials. The development team relies on research and customer feedback to create the highest quality pavers.

Wide Variety of Designs

Keystone patio pavers offer the perfect combination of durability and aesthetics.

With over 18 styles and material combinations to choose from, this revolutionary paving company has something for both classic and contemporary homes.

The rectilinear edges of the Panorama series of Keystone patio bricks are perfect for completing a poolside pathway or modern outdoor kitchen. The Heritage series offers vintage pavers in two neutral colors, ideal for edging a romantic herb garden.

Looking to create a visual statement in a large space like a public gathering or parking area? Choose the Plaza Stone Circle Pack.

Most pavers come in a variety of color options. From orange Chesapeake and grey Chicago to the mottled Eddington Blend. Theme them to almost any architectural design.

Made to Last

Whether you’re building a retaining wall or furnishing a fire pit, Keystone patio pavers are guaranteed to offer the best value for money.

Randomly patterned pavers like Vintage Stone look natural and are less prone to chipping and scratching. Likewise, pavers with a softly curved edge are unlikely to splinter. They are more durable in areas like stairs or around an in-ground pool.

Eco-friendly options include permeable pavers. The unique micro-chamfered top edge and interlocking joints meet EPA stormwater regulations and help with LEED certification.

The lattice designed Grasstone allows the lawn to grow through the middle of each paver, providing a safe, durable solution to areas where you want some nature to shine through.

Keystone pavers are also safety tested and approved, with safety information clearly available on the manufacturer’s website.

Aesthetic Benefits of Keystone Pavers for Front Yards

From jazzing up a fading, cracked driveway to theming your walkways with your siding, Keystone patio pavers give you the opportunity to wow your neighbors. With careful planning and clever paver selection (be sure to take advantage of services like sample packs), your upgrades don’t need to break the bank, either.

Remodel an Old Driveway

Perhaps the best way to dress up the front of an outdated home is to remodel the crumbling concrete driveway. Nothing says “brand new home” more than a beautifully paved place for cars to pull up on.

Properly installed Keystone driveways and patios also improve the drainage of water. This is essential in stopping damaging erosion and retaining the new look of your paving. In the worst instance, driveway erosion can cause a sinkhole underneath your driveway, damaging the suspension and structural integrity of your car.

Permeable pavers like Keystone’s Eco-Panorama series offer the best solution for driveways. Not only do they allow water through, but they’re also UV-resistant and their soft edges create a natural look.

Go Vintage or Contemporary

When it comes to a timeless look and feel, the Heritage Venetian series is the best choice. Sunlight reflects beautifully off its cleft and chamferless surfaces, imitating ancient cut flagstone. The extensive range of sizes means Keystone patio pavers will suit any vintage-style architectural plan.

If you want an eco-friendly product with a contemporary aesthetic, look no further than Keystone’s Eco-CityLock series. Available in standard or permeable, these pavers are ideal for surfaces that get heavy traffic–either vehicle or foot. The addition of iron oxide pigments in these concrete construction pavers create a highly durable product, while the smooth surfaces and sharp-cut edges are undeniably sleek.

Make a Design Statement

Pavers take up a lot of space in a landscape design. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the wide variety of colors, shapes, and materials they come in when it comes to making an architectural statement.

When picking the right Keystone patio pavers for the job, first consider the size of the area you want to pave. For example, small pavers arranged in intricate patterns look best in a small space. It makes the area look larger.

Color matters, too. Try to either coordinate or contrast the color of the pavers with the siding and roof of your home. If you’re unsure which color to choose, a neutral color like grey or a stark monochromatic color like black is always classy.

Make Your Yard More Accessible

A pathway can make the daily walk to the vegetable patch a breeze. A well-lit paved trail can make a hike through a wooded acreage all the more appealing. Is your front yard boggy? A carefully laid walkway can make that trip from the mailbox to the front door easier.

Paved pathways can also make a yard more accessible for people with disabilities. To aid those using wheelchairs, walkers, or mobility scooters, select large, smooth Keystone patio pavers and create wide pathways with areas to turn around in and spaces for seating. Permeable pavers are ideal because they dry quickly after it rains.

After Careful Installation, Maintenance Is Key

To ensure your pavement or driveway has the longest possible life, work with an experienced installation professional in your area. They should be up-to-date with the latest technologies (like using polymeric sand between pavers), have a long list of positive reviews, and work with safe, guaranteed products.

After installation, use a do-it-yourself paver cleaner and sealer kit to keep moss and dirt at bay. Regularly trim weeds and grass from the borders and cracks in the pavers. Keep your Keystone patio pavers looking good with a yearly pressure wash.

Ready to get going with your new driveway design? Browse the Keystone pavers selection on The Hardscape Exchange and place your online order today!

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