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4 Major Benefits of Adding Permeable Pavers to Your Landscaping

4 Major Benefits of Adding Permeable Pavers to Your Landscaping

If you’ve decided to update your driveway, walkway, patio, or the overflow parking at your business, it’s time to pick out pavers that will stun your visitors, last years, and won’t cause a headache with maintenance and repairs.

One great option for your space is permeable paverspavement systems that allow stormwater to flow through them to aggregate layers or soil below. Permeable pavers, whether they’re of a lattice-grid design or porous and interlocking, offer countless benefits and deserve serious consideration.

To help you decide if these systems are right for your hardscape project, we’ve outlined four major benefits of adding permeable pavers to your landscaping:

They’re environmentally-friendly

Permeable pavers are an environmentally-friendly pavement option as they allow rainwater to gradually and naturally filter back into the soil, rather than flowing into a storm drain. Permeable paver systems use a natural drainage process helps control and stabilize soil erosion. Some pavers even help filter out pollutants that contribute to water pollution. They also reduce the need for salt in the winter, as constant drainage limits the likelihood of ice and are a great alternative to concrete or asphalt, which disrupt the natural water cycle and produce heat that negatively impacts the environment.

They eliminate the need for traditional drainage

With non-permeable pavers, water can accumulate in inconvenient locations after rainfall, whether that be around your favorite deck chairs or a puddle that’s standing in the way of you getting to your car with dry shoes.

Permeable pavers can effectively reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff and the need for time-consuming and costly drainage solutions or clean-up after water accumulates and leaves harmful mildew behind. If you’re planning a larger or commercial project, permeable pavers can save your business space and money by avoiding traditional drainage and detention requirements.

They’re a solution to unique landscaping challenges you may face

Permeable pavers are a great addition to your walkway, patio, or other outdoor project, but they’re also a solution to some unique challenges you or your business may be facing. Our grid pavers allow vegetation to grow through patterned gaps, which offers traction for heavily trafficked walkways and erosion control so you won’t have to repair dips or cracks in your walkway. They’re also permanent and appealing solutions for spillways, emergency vehicle access lanes, and overflow parking areas.

They’re low maintenance

Permeable paver systems require layers of rocks and aggregates beneath the surface to facilitate effective stormwater management, so the initial cost is higher and installation is more complex than traditional pavers. However, they require less maintenance than regular pavers and can therefore be less expensive in the long run.

These systems tolerate freeze-thaw cycles well because of the air between aggregates beneath the surface. Heat tends to rise from the earth through the system so snow melts and drains easier. If water does freeze in the system, there is more space to allow for the expansion of ice, which minimizes the risk of pavers raising, so they don’t need to be repaired or sealed frequently as with other surfaces. Any necessary repairs that may arise are simple, as individual pavers can be replaced.

Permeable Pavers at The Hardscape Exchange

At The Hardscape Exchange, we offer two different types of permeable paversconcrete grid pavers and interlocking permeable pavers. Our grid pavers allow grass to grow through patterned gaps, offering a stunning burst of natural beauty in your hardscaping while offering the same durability as our other pavers, while our interlocking permeable pavers offer an impressive visual appeal with flexible design options that look more like traditional pavers. No matter which you choose, permeable pavers are both a gorgeous and environmentally-conscious choice for your landscaping.

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